MakING It Easy To 

ACquire New Patients

Helping Medical Wellness Centers Get More Patients

for Hormone Optimization, Sexual Wellness, 

and other Anti-Aging Procedures.

Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue

We understand that the success of your medical practice depends on a flood of new patients, and we believe that most of your business problems can be solved with just more revenue.

Hormones Optimization, Medical Weight Loss, and Sexual Health services are life-changing procedures not only positively affecting the lives of your patients but also provide an opportunity for you to build a profitable cash-based medical practice.

Our tested & proven Practice Accelerator Program - MAR$™  can help you add more cash-paying patients without wasting time & money on ineffective marketing strategies, so you can focus building a successful medical practice.

 MAR$ - Practice Accelerator Program


From beautifully made websites, to top positions on Google, our lead generating strategies are designed & proven to deliver high-quality patient leads. You will save a lot of money by advertising in medias proving a higher patient acquisition rate at a reasonable cost.


Our proprietary Lead Management & Marketing automation software provides an automated follow-up option to engage with new leads, follow up with no shows, automatically reschedule consultation date, and even "chase" unresponsive leads until they are ready to talk.


Our specialized expertise in this business model and advanced automation provides our clients with an easy way to remind patients of upcoming labs, refills, and treatments retake without efforts from clinic staff. This automation has proven to be the single element of a financially successful medical practice.


When Marketing and Sales work together plus powered up by automation technologies, the sale process becomes a straight forward game. Our experienced sales team is trained on sales of high-ticket medical procedures and will help close new leads for you.

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Men's Health

is what we do

Offering cash-pay medical services to men 35-70 years of age to restore or improve sexual health, optimize hormones and other regenerative medicine therapies.

Age management & wellness

is what we do

Offering cash-pay medical treatments to men and women 35-70 years of age to restore or improve sexual health, optimize hormones, lose weight and look well.

Hormone therapy

is what we do

Offering hormone replacement therapies to men and women 35-70 years of age locally or nationwide. Looking to launch additional services and products to boost clinic revenue.

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Discover proven marketing strategies to attract a flood of new cash-paying patients that pay, stay, and refer in our latest book "Grow Your Medical Wellness Practice", an ultimate guide to marketing for hormone therapy, sexual health, medical weight loss, body contouring and other anti-aging procedures.