Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a powerful marketing strategy for a medical practice looking to generate new patients for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.

Not all marketing strategies are equally effective for medical wellness practices looking to generate cash-paying clients. Some procedures such as hormone therapy, sexual wellness, and regenerative procedures have limitations and are prohibited on social platforms.

But others like aesthetic and cosmetic procedures proven to be effective when implemented properly.

When your business is marketed correctly on social media, it drives more sales and also provides a solid return on investment. Our professionally designed paid ads are proven to help net you quality leads.

Quality Leads

With our 3-step Facebook Marketing Funnel, we generate leads with the highest interest. This maximizes ad spending, reduces the cost per lead, and improves lead quality.

Lead Nurturing

Our Facebook ads come with email marketing campaigns to educate people interested in your services, patient success stories, etc – this is done so that your leads don’t go cold while the team is getting in touch to set up an appointment.

Tested and Proven

FB ads require trial and error in order to maximize success. We take in the results of each tailored campaign and adjust them so that your campaigns are continually optimized.

To succeed on Facebook and Instagram, it is imperative to understand how to drive ad reach, user engagement, and how to effectively use audience targeting to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Our team of social media experts understands how to craft the right messaging and deliver it to the right people. Don’t miss out on new patients waiting to find out about your services on Facebook

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