Google Paid Advertising

There is no better way to drive interested patients to your practice sooner than Google Ads. Our paid ad strategies can help your practice achieve steady new patient flow.

What if you knew that for every dollar you put towards your online advertising you could get back measurable and consistent results? Our proven ad strategies can help your practice reach new and relevant patients who will book appointments.

Google Adwords for Medical Practice

Google rewards ads that perform better than others. Our trained professionals understand how to properly design and maintain your PPC campaigns so you don’t waste time and money. We specialize in keeping your advertising costs low and your ad performance high.

Google Ads can be an effective patient acquisition strategy if they are handled properly. With over 80% of new patients turning to Google to find medical providers, executing paid ads properly is one of the most powerful ways to secure new patient visits.

High-Quality Prospects

Because Google Ads are positioned right at the top of search results they guarantee instant visibility of your medical practice to people searching for procedures you want to promote. With a proper selection of highly converting search terms, Google ads will generate
high-quality prospects who are ready to contact your clinic now.

Predictable & Scalable Results

Our tested & proven ad campaigns deliver predictable results every time. For every dollar spent on ads, we generate a pre-set number of appointments for approved medical procedures. You can safely increase ad budget knowing it will increase the number of new patients coming to your clinic.

Get More Appointments with Google Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising enables your practice to get in front of potential patients within a few weeks. That’s why it is important to complement your SEO strategy with paid ads to dominate your local market.