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One of the most common questions that I get asked from Men’s Health Clinic or Wellness Center business owners is: "I see that you have been able to help other medical practices increase their sales & grow their business by getting their marketing right... but what exactly do you do?"

We want to help you understand exactly what we do and how we generate these amazing results!

I decided to record a video illustrating our proven system, explaining what we actually do (step-by-step) to help our clients attain these results. 

Take a look:

We can help you get your marketing right, but we only work with ONE Medical Practice in each market.

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Medical Website Design

Website & Landing Pages

It all starts with us taking over your existing website. You might be a Hormone Clinic or Wellness Medical Practice or Men’s Health Clinic that has been in business for 10 to 20 years and probably have invested thousands of dollars in building one out. We are going to leverage your existing website and take it to the next level.

If you do not have a website, we are going to develop an attractive and highly converting medical website for you, designed to engage visitors, educate, and provide an easy way to request an appointment.


Search Engine Marketing

Patients-On-Demand with Google Ads

With paid advertising, we can dominate the top position on Google within days, showing your business information to men and women searching for hormone therapy or sexual dysfunction treatment in your geographic area. 

Our proven & tested ads generate high quality leads allowing you to start seeing patients right away.

Google Map Marketing

There are men and women searching for Hormone Clinics, Wellness Centers, or Men's Health Clinics near them.  We are going to show your Business location on the Maps section on Google, Bing, and Apple Maps. 

This is one of the best ways to attract and schedule more new patients in your area.

Organic Search Marketing

Become a leading medical authority online with top search engine optimization strategies.

Get an additional two listings on Google by dominating top organic positions and capture 70% more visitors, looking for a solution to erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, low T, hormones imbalance, and other age-related health issues.

Google Ads for Medical Practice
Google Map Marketing for Medical Practice
Medical SEO


CRM for Cash-Pay Medical Practice

Marketing Automation

Multiple studies have shown that an individual needs 7+ interactions with a business to take action. 

Our proprietary Lead-to-Patient marketing automation software capture leads directly from your website and provides an automated follow-up option to engage with new leads, follow up with no shows, automatically reschedule consultation date, and even "chase" unresponsive leads until they are ready to talk.


Recurring Revenue Model

HRT and medical weight loss provide medical practices a residual income model that guarantees future income and maximizing ROI of your marketing efforts. 

Our specialized expertise in this model and advanced automation provides our clients with an easy way to remind patients of upcoming labs, refills, and treatments retake without efforts from clinic staff. 

This model has proven to be the single element of a financially successful medical practice.

medical marketing services


medical sales


We’re recognizing that sales of high-ticket treatments are one of the challenging tasks medical practices are faced with. You have spent thousands of dollars marketing your services and generated tons of leads and to convert these leads to paying clients you need a trained salesperson. 

Our professional sales associate will ensure you have a solid sales process in place. And if needed, he will answer all prospect call-ins and make outbound calls to convert leads to live, qualified consultations.

Stay Competitive!

Don't Lose  Your Practice to Competitors. 

Ramp Up Your Patient Acquisition Today!

Exclusivity Guarantee

Our geographic exclusivity provides your medical practice with peace of mind that we will not work with your competitor in your area. So, call us at 800-401-7046  before your competitor does, or click here to request a free consultation.